News & Reviews: The Homestretch

Kirsten & Anne accepting the Emmy for their film, The Homestretch

Kirsten & Anne accepting the Emmy for their film, The Homestretch

  • "Heart-wrenching!” - Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post

  • "Unprecedented." - Joseph Erbentraut, Huffington Post

  • "An authentic, no-frills portrayal of what it means to be young and homeless in America." - Terrance Ross, The Atlantic

  • "A bigger, a deeper and more lasting portrait of a situation." - Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

  • “Five minutes in, I was a wreck; it's a great story, a great film." - Richard Roeper, Windy City Live

  • “Its intimacy is a reflection of its compassion" - Glenn Kenny,

  • "One of the best films to ever be made about the stigma of homelessness… Nuanced, thoughtful, impeccably detailed." - Andrew Parker, That Shelf

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Capturing The Flag

  • “A microcosm of the passions, absurdities and contradictions of the U.S. election system.” - Marvin Brown, Quick Flix

  • “An unbiased story that every American should see.” - Pamela Powell, Reel Honest Reviews

  • “Enlightening and inspiring… Palpable, and immensely relatable…” Elizabeth Levin, Columbia Journal of Law & The Arts

  • “An important reminder of the power of the individual, and the fact that every voice matters.” - Steve Norton, Screenfish

  • “Topical, engaging testimony of passion in divisive times.” - John Soltes, Hollywood Soapbox

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The ‘Real Rosie’ The Riveter Project (at NYU Libraries)

  • Real Rosie the Riveters Share their Stories in Online Video Collection, Gina Salamone, New York Daily News

Asparagus! Stalking the American Life

  • “Oddly brilliant!” - The New Yorker

  • “A charmer!” - Kansas City Star

  • and eight years after its debut, the Wall Street Journal cites the film: "Oceana County, meanwhile, is among the largest producers of asparagus in the country, and the subject of a 2008 documentary, "Asparagus! Stalking the American Life," on the financial threat to local farmers posed by South American growers of the vegetable" - Lindsay Gellman, Wall Street Journal